"The world is changing for the better. Inspirational people used to be distant, and telling those people how much they helped was a long and secret process. First, you'd hand write a letter, and then post it to an agency, who might send you a signed photo back. You had no idea if your thank you had ever been seen by its intended recipient. Today, via the Internet and social media, thank yous can be seen by everyone in a fleeting moment.

This book makes thank yous a permanent resource. The profoundly life changing and life affirming stories inspire me to go out and do what I'm passionate about, in the hope of perpetuating this cycle of positivity."

L.R., England

"Beautiful work...really special. So, so worth the wait."

Steven McCarthy-Hunt, UK

"It is amazing to consider what you have created together out of a deep connection to my music...feeling blessed..."

Neil Finn, via Twitter

What people are saying about We Got You!

"Smashing, Finntastic, ripper awesome!"

Tabatha Voss, Australia

"We Got You is a magical and moving collection of deeply personal anecdotes about what Neil Finn and his music have meant to his fans. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this beautifully produced book and it has made me realise how much Neil Finn’s gift of reaching out to his audience has touched the lives of so many. His music is sublime, but this book reveals how closely his fans identify with his lyrics and with his warm personality. It is a lovely, heartwarming tribute and all credit to the compilers and editors for both the concept and the presentation."

Valerie Poore (author), the Netherlands

"It is a beautifully put together book...the team behind this have obviously done a LOT of work and have done an awesome job."

William Allen, Buxton, UK

"So many gorgeous stories...seeing how brave and open in so much detail, how many Frenz felt comfortable enough to bare their souls made me feel that I'm in good company, that I should no longer let fear hold me back. I know how bold, honest, and open Neil and Tim have always been in their work, which has always been helpful and inspiring to me, but I have felt hesitant in sharing myself. I realize now that it's a quality I should develop in my own life as I am comfortable.

Thank you so much for being part of me opening that door for myself, at least among family, Frenz and friends."

Dana Saravia, Baltimore, MD

"How many artists have the chance to hear from the fan's perspectives what their work has collectively meant and how it has impacted? Certainly Mozart, Van Gogh, Dickens, et al. did not. But Neil Finn does. We Got You is a collection of appreciation that was endeavored to exist by one fan with a dream, who rallied the friends, fans and 'Frenz' of Mr. Finn to contribute their memories and personal experiences inspired by the man and his music. A tome of real-life accounts, this book reflects a living history of one man's music as it is told by the folks who listen to and love it. It will no doubt leave any reader, or aspiring artist, inspired and moved, including Mr. Finn himself. A real testament to the impact of music on the hearts and lives of people."

Jenifer Grasha, Buffalo, NY

 "As a dedicated fan of Finn for over 30 years, this somehow seems like a culmination of good vibes mingling in the ether (and on the page) with many other like-minded folks who've felt the love, power, and influence of Neil's work course through their lives. 

The book is beautiful and elicits a strong emotional response from me every time I pick it up. I expected to be moved, but there are some heartbreakingly honest and powerful pieces in there that completely defied my expectations. Neil is just as extraordinary as his music...What a pleasure to be amongst so many eloquent and profound voices."

David P., USA

"The book is a delight, ideal to dip into and with so many insights into Neil and his brilliant, brave & discerning fans. I love the fact that a portion of the proceeds are going to charity, giving the project a good & generous heart in true Finn style!"

Julie G., UK